Sometimes puppies are transferred out of our club before they finish their puppy days. About once a year we "start" a puppy and then send him or her to a school program in Salt Lake City. Other times, puppies may be transferred to a different raiser home. Here are some of our transfer puppies.


Name: Agatha

Breed: Female Yellow Lab

Date of Birth: 7/20/16

Sire: Belay

Dam: Elona

Raiser: Linnea


Name: Vic

Breed: Male Black Lab

Date of Birth: 1/15/16

Sire: West

Dam: Hilda

Raiser: Dru Anne


Name: Toledo

Breed: Male Golden Ret.

Date of Birth: 1/15/16

Sire: Neutron

Dam: Leigh

Raiser: Annie & Carol


Name: Camber

Breed: Female Golden Ret.

Date of Birth: 12/5/15

Sire: Neutron

Dam: Hollyann

Raiser: Krista