Rozzie is a female yellow lab. She was born on January 20, 2007, to Benjamin and Tora.

She was raised by Krista as her 2nd Guide Dog puppy. Rozzie graduated in July 2008 as a breeder.


Rozzie's Siblings: Rascal, Retha, Rochelle, Rollo, Roma, Roman, Rondelle, and Royale.


Rozzie's first litter (born:1/29/09 with Denzel): Ian, Ibsen, Ida, and Ingeborg.

Ibsen was raised by Krista as her 4th puppy.


Rozzie's second litter (born 8/28/09 with Jenkins): Lancaster, Landry, Lennox, Libby, and Lira.

Lira was raised by Barb.


Rozzie also had a litter born 2/27/2011 with Dutch. One of the puppies was named Wednesday,

and was raised by Krista as her 6th puppy.