Bob is a male yellow lab. He was born on May 25, 2005, to Righetti and Nora. He was raised by Dru Anne as her 11th Guide Dog puppy. He graduated in October 2006 as a charter stock breeder. After two litters he was nuetered and placed back in harness training.


Bob later graduated a guide dog. His working life was short-lived, however, and was soon retired.

Bob is now a K-9 Buddy for a young blind child as a wonderful companion!


Bob's first litter (born:1/7/07 with Nell): Lavonne, Leilani, Lenora, Leonard, Lincoln, Lira, and Lorraine.

Leonard was raised by Dru Anne as her 13th Guide Dog puppy.


Bob's second litter (born 1/12/07 with Yolie): Maria, Michael, Montgomery, and Moses.